Dermatologist spend summers the way we do. However, compared with our skins, theirs are more supple, glowing and fairer. This is not magic. These professionals also take some time and effort to take care of their skins.  

According to a certified dermatologist and co-director of clinical research at Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, Dr. Omer Ibrahim, your daily routine might suffice in different weather conditions including summer. However, doing some changes to adapt to the changing environment provides more effective results.  

Before you make changes in your daily skincare routine, it is recommended that you seek advice from professionals like the Frisco Dermatology 

The following are the skincare tips for summer 2020 

1.Moisturize at night and apply a water-based moisturizer at daytime 

A night cream before sleeping can help moisturize your skin. A night cream is not as heavy-duty as your moisturizer in the daytime. However, this can significantly provide replenishing moisture overnight.  

During day-time, you can use a water-based moisturizer. This is because summertime causes a heavy-duty moisturizer to be sticky. Unlike the heavy-duty moisturizer you put during winter, lightweight, water-based formula can help you provide enough moisture to your skin. Apply any water-based moisturizer twice or thrice a day. 

  1. Eat cooling foods

The foods that we eat significantly affect what we feel and how we look. When you eat heavy foods, there is a big possibility that you will become sluggish and makes your skin oily and susceptible to breakouts.  

You can prevent this when you choose to eat some veggies and fruits. Drink water as much as you need, or you can follow the general advice of 8-10 glasses a day. You can also drink some natural veggie juice or fruit juice for hydration. Stay away from sugary drinks like sodas and soft drinks that are full of calories. 

3.Maintain hygiene 

Taking a bath twice a day will help you combat the sun’s heat and keep your skin feel fresh always. Under the sun, your body can also create a bad odor, and taking a bath twice can prevent this from happening. Taking a bath and soaking your skin in freshwater is also one way of hydrating your skin. 

4.Wear breathable fabrics 

When you wear tight clothes, you will feel more irritated especially under the heat of the sun this summer. To make it worse, the sweaty parts of your body will feel itchier making you feel more uncomfortable. An itchy skin causes some scratches and irritation. Prolonged conditions might result in ugly rashes and even serious skin infections. Avoid these by wearing lighter and cotton-made fabrics. These two can prevent you from feeling uncomfortable under the sun.  

5.Wear sunscreen protection 

This is the most important advice. Even if you want to tan under the sun, you shouldn’t go tanning without sunscreen protection. Especially in the summertime, wearing sunscreen protection is a must to avoid damaging your skin from UV rays that can lead to some serious skin diseases and even cancer. Apply sunscreen every couple of hours.